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Did you know that Digital Media is 10x more likely to be remembered than Print? We, at Take a Free Ride have set up a program for a 30-second commercial that will run for an entire month to cost less than a one-time matchbook sized ad in the local newspaper.

Touching consumers in your local market is not easy. Consumers are being armed with technology like spam filters, DVRs, Garbage Cans and Caller ID thus making Direct Mail, Print Advertising, Radio, Television, Telemarketing, and email less effective.

One known fact is that Digital Media has grown year after year by more than 35% (2012 growth was 39%) and is expected to continue to be the strongest advertising median for the next several years. It has become the most cost effective way to touch customers and yields superior results. The best part about the commercials on the Take A Free Ride Bus is that the consumers cannot turn it off (the bus driver has the remote!).

Imagine being able to share to thousands of customers how your local business impacts our community. You can give your business life and personality, while allowing consumers to see that you care about the local market and their safety. You will gain their awareness and credibility.

The Take A Free Ride bus is equipped with a 40” LED Display and Audio system for Digital Media. Take a Free Ride is seeking donations for Thirty and Sixty second commercials from Businesses, Retailers, Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, and virtually any product or service that wishes to further their brand in the market.

Compelling Market Facts

  • Households that earn more than $70,000 per year are twice more likely to get a DUI than someone who earns less than $35,000. These same people are spending over $11,000/year on average in restaurants and bars. (Fleming Island Median Income in 2012 was $96,000)
  • Seventy Five percent (75%+) of all DUIs are within Three miles of home (their local market) and Florida averages 45,000+ DUIs per year. Clay County has 8+ alcohol related driving deaths per year.
  • Digital Media will be remembered 10x more than Print & Direct Mail
  • 76% own a home, 80%+ have Health Insurance, 68% buy “Nice to have” items, Donate $3,000+ per year to charities, 60% can afford a new car
  • This average household spends $33,600/annually on “Other Expenditures” (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012) which includes Bars, Restaurants, Retail, Personal Care, Apparel, Personal Services.


This is the ideal demographic combined with the most cost effective advertising. And don’t forget the impact you are making on our community.

To learn more, call: 904.868.RIDE

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