There is a fundamental problem in suburbia; people are consuming alcohol in restaurants and getting home safely can be challenging. Taxi service in most suburbs does not exist or there is limited coverage and often it can take more than an hour for a cab to arrive. People who have consumed alcohol get frustrated having to wait around for an hour or more for a cab and many times end up get behind the wheel of their car and driving impaired.

Within many communities, the majority of consumers are within a five mile radius to the local establishments that they frequent. A five miles or less drive after a couple of cocktails seems to be a calculated risk to many people at the time.  However, it is no coincidence that 75% of all DUI accidents occur within three miles from a person’s home.

Alcohol consumption in bars and restaurants is on a steady incline. Consumers that are spending money in bars/restaurants are very desirable consumers to market to. These consumers have disposable income and they drive our economy.

Take a Free Ride is a nonprofit company, funded by donations from businesses and consumers. The donations are used to provide consumers FREE bus service from local establishments to their homes, while leveraging the top advertising median to help local businesses to better serve their community.

The Plan

The Founders of Take A Free Ride are using Fleming Island as the launching pad for this business. Their ultimate intent is to serve several markets locally including Riverside/Avondale, The Beaches, San Marco and Town Center/Southside/Tinseltown with the goal of then taking Take A Free Ride Nationally.

Our Mission

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